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What We Do

We at Barking Mad Designers are mad about a few things…

Firstly, we are Mad about Design- We just love great design!

Secondly, we love creating designs that make you smile

Thirdly, we are mad about dogs…we do love other animals too- just a bit dog crazy!


Autumn & Winter

We have created a range of woolly hats and scarves that will keep you snuggley warm in the autumn and winter months.

At the moment, we are only selling our woolly goods at local craft fairs and trade shows as we are in the process of setting up our online store.

For further enquiries regarding our new range please contact us.

Inspiration Mugs

We have created a range of inspirational mugs which will help start your day with your favourite tea or coffee plus a moment of mindfulness too!

Our white ceramic mugs are printed using the sublimation method. They’re dishwasher and microwave proof meaning the prints are very long lasting, in fact we offer a 12 month guarantee on the prints as we’re that confident that they won’t fade.

They’re 11oz, have an 80mm diameter and are approx 92mm high.

Start the Day with… A Smile

This mug shows a beautiful sunrise which helps to starts your day with a smile.

You are So Loved Polar Bear Mug

These mugs can be personalised ….”Jack..You are so loved”…” Jack is so Loved”

“You can’t stop the waves…but you can learn to surf “

This quotation is by Jon Kabat-Zinn with a beautiful surfing photograph on a Mug


If you would like more information about Barking Mad Designers